September 25, 2010

  Please watch in 720p HD

      I'm Joseph Yeo from S. Korea. This is my very first piece which took over a year to complete.

      The primary inspiration was drawn from a Japanese animation called, "Mospeda (1983)",
      and the work can be viewed at post below.

      My personal attempts have been made to reinterpret and advance various aspects of the original piece
      to present a 3D work.

      The scene is based on a premise that a vehicle is transformed and reconfigured around the main character's armor
      after being dispatched to a crime scene with an alarm of a presence of a robbery at a bank.
      The wireframe scenes are shown with a concept of requesting personal information in a police security database.

      I would like to create sensational and creative videos which can touch people's hearts. I love CGI.

Used Programs:
Softimage XSI
After Effect
Premiere Pro

Used sources:
S.W.A.T. intro
Digital Juice

Thank you


  1. This is utterly amazing work. As you know there is room to grow, but the amount of passion and ability you show is astounding Joseph. Insane work man!!! I expect to see your name on the big screen very soon. I am a fan!

  2. I really appreciate you.
    Your comments were great encouragement to me.

  3. How old are you nice stuff.

  4. Great work Joseph!!! Your dedication is commendable. Keep working hard and stay humble. I'm sure you'll be a great artist and glorify God.


    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment.
      I hope to be a needed person :)

      Peace of christ be with you